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Cheryl's favourite brushes to create broken edges, large washes right down to the finest of eyelashes.  Being natural hair they hold a high volume of water and work really well for all subjects.  Check out my You-Tube channel to see how I use this brush -

I use all three sizes so definitely can't pick a favourite so I have set up a discounted option if you would like all three.

The Cheryl Bruce Creativ Brush

  • Bamboo look brush made with weasel hair.  

    Small - 3.2cm 

    Medium 3.8cm

    Large - 4cm

    Handle is made of coated stainless steel.  

  • Please see Shipping T&C's at the bottom of the page, or in the tab in the cart.

    Tea towel  and paint brush orders leave our warehouse within 1 business day, unless it is showing as out of stock or preorder.

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