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I have a burning need to paint, to create and a passion to share.

Central Coast artist Cheryl Bruce is primarily a watercolour artist, specializing in loose and impressionistic paintings covering a wide variety of subject matter from still life, to seascape, landscape, boats, horses and portraits.  


Having travelled extensively and currently living on the NSW Central Coast Cheryl takes inspiration from the environment around her.  This region provides an abundance of inspiration with coastline, large waterways and lagoons, and national parks abounding with native flowers.  She paints and sketches en plein air regularly with a focus on honing observation skills, and working quickly to impart the feeling of the subject rather than depict every detail.


With a lifelong passion for fabric and homewares, stationary, and all things pattern related Cheryl is now creating placement and repeating patterns for licensing and collaboration with large, medium and micro businesses.

Cheryl's passion for art and materials of all shapes and sizes, and a gift for sharing techniques makes her a popular mentor and tutor in Australia and internationally. 




Artist Statement

While many artists consider themselves 'painters of light' I am drawn to the shadows, loving to depict the glowing and changing colours in the shadow passages, which I feel makes the highlights sing.

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Cheryl  xo

Work Featured At

Art Gallery on Palm Beach

ArtSpace Pop Up Gallery, The Entrance

Toowoon Bay Gallery

Finite Gallery, Caves Beach

Blue Thumb - Online


Patternfield App

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A peak at my process

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