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Watercolour Classes

Online and Face 2 Face Class Information 2022

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I'm filling in for another tutor at short notice for the  Central Coast Watercolour Society for a two day workshop on the 13th and 14th August.   

I will focus on shadow and light through a variety of subjects.  One of my favourite things to paint is the shadow passages which are often full of colour and subtle detail, whether it be on a piece of fruit or the shadow of a tree or building shadow falling on the ground.  To make an object look three dimensional in watercolour, we need to make the light and shadow do the work.  There are key techniques that we can discuss about temperature (cool or warm), tone, lost and found edges, colour decisions, reflected light, along with the myriad of shadow types to explore (form, cast, etc).  Getting the shadows right is often what makes the lights sing. 

To book, pease go directly to the CCWS via or click here for their website

If you have a burning interest to learn a certain technique or subject matter, please drop me an email at

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Workshop Schedule for 2023

Watch this space and keep in touch via my email newsletter for information about face to face workshops in 2021.  

I am working on scheduling and itineraries at the moment for a workshop in Vietnam in 2023, and France in August 2023, along with other domestic (Australian) workshops. 

If you are interested in hosting a workshop with me please get in touch via my email address

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