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Pattern Collections

The King and the Bud_Title .png

Starting as a tight cone, the King Protea slowly opens to share its magnificence with the world.  Ageless, dating back 300 million years, Greek legend tells us the protea flowers were named after Proteus, the son of Poseidon, who could change his shape at will to avoid prophesising the future for those who would seek his insight.  With this mythological association to change and transformation, the Protea has become a symbol of diversity and courage. 

Vintage Natives hero blush-05.jpg
Vintage Natives logo_logo.png

The back story.... painting the flowers in situ

In the spring of 2020, between Covid lockdown periods, the native flowers were blooming in my region, more than I had ever noticed - perhaps I was just more tuned in.  I decided to fill a little sketchbook just with quick loose studies of the wild flowers, sometimes walking and sketching, and sometimes with a bit more of a set up if I had planned to spend several hours out and about my local bush tracks.  

Even walking my local streets the weeds were captuing my attention and calling to be painted. 


A highlight was seeing Waratahs growing in the wild for the first time in my life, and the realisation that they grow in very few places but I am lucky enought to have a triangular patch of ground that they like only about 30 mins from my home - in a place called Warah Trig.  When they are in flower it is quite the tourist attraction.

Some of my designs you will see links to shop the fabric which will take you to a print on demand site called Spoonflower where you can order fabric by the metre or premade homewares like cushions, wallpaper and curtains.  Some  collections are not available via print on demand and are only available for licensing or collaboration with a brand or fabric manufacturer.

flowers brown_single flower.png
Image courtesy Unsplash-Garrett-Jackson-baby-muslin.jpg
flowers brown_2 flowers.png
Vision of the Hamptons_title.png

Inspired by the ginger jars and stripes of the Hamptons decor, this collection brings peace, harmony and relaxation. A mix of organic hand painted elements and geometric stripes, nearly every motif in this collection is a piece or pieces of an initial decorative swirl.

A 3rd colourway is in the design process - taupe will land here soon. 

Interested in Licensing?

If you are interested to discuss licensing designs or a collaboration please feel free to touch base with me. I would love to get to know more about your business.

The Heron, Sunshine Days copy.jpg
Heron and Blossoms Title trans-02.png

As the spring flowers bloom in the fruit trees of my orchard, the plums, apples, peaches have glorious pink and apricot tones.  The birds come and go: cockatoos looking for the fruits which are yet to come; the herons stalk majestically through the trees; the magpies digging for worms.

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