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    Shop my favourite brushes

    I'm a fan of this brush and get so many requests for where to find it so I have decided to stock  it on my website so that I can better help you with sourcing and changing your painting habits.  It creates fabulous broken edges for skies/clouds, water, and landscapes but I use it for everything from big paintings right through to portraits and eyelashes.  The benefit of the brush is how you can flatten out the tip for a flatter/wider stroke, or broken lines, allowing the artist to create more variation in your stroke work and brush marks.  If you want to see it in action please pop over to my YouTube channel -

    All prices are quoted as Australian dollars (AUD)


    I would love you to share a pic on your social media with the hashtag #hangingonmyoven and tag @cheryl.bruce.creativ   

    A tea towel is such a humble little item that we use every day, I'm lost if there aren't 2 or 3 within easy reach around my kitchen at any one time.  Ever since being a young girl I have loved patterns, fabric, homewares, so the excitement I am feeling at bringing you this range of humble tea towels is probably beyond understanding.  The realisation of a product out in the world with my art on it is a dream come true.    That may seem strange because I regularly sell my paintings, but it is different I think because it is the next step in a journey of dreaming a big dream and working towards it, learning new skills along the way, meeting new peers on the same journey and industry experts further along the journey.

    The motifs on these designs are nearly all from a sketchbook I filled in the Spring of 2020. Between Covid lockdown periods, the native flowers were blooming in my region, more than I had ever noticed - perhaps I was just more tuned in.  I decided to fill a little sketchbook just with quick loose studies of the wild flowers, sometimes walking and sketching, and sometimes with a bit more of a set up if I had planned to spend several hours out and about my local bush tracks.  Even walking my local streets the weeds were captuing my attention and calling to be painted. 


    A highlight was seeing Waratahs growing in the wild for the first time in my life, and the realisation that they grow in very few places but I am lucky enought to have a triangular patch of ground that they like only about 30 mins from my home - in a place called Warah Trig.  When they are in flower it is quite the tourist attraction.

    Want to see more.... 

    flowers brown_single flower.png
    flowers brown_2 flowers.png

    If you are a sewist you might like to visit my shop on Spoonflower via the link below.  Fabric is printed to order on your choice of base fabric.

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