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Lead Me Up The Garden Path, watercolour, 75 x 56cm  (1 of 1).jpg

Urban & Travel - Spain, France & Italy

I was so lucky in 2019 to be able to travel around Spain and France: painting, sketching, walking, eating, participating in a workshop, and teaching a workshop.  I met people I would not have met had I not been travelling alone.  That truly is the exciting life of an artist. 

In Feb 2020 I had a combined exhibition of these works with fellow Central Coast artist, Noeline Miller, who had also been travelling through Europe at the same time.  We were so lucky with the timing of our exhibition, 'The Watercolour Diaries', as the pandemic lockdowns in our area started just a couple of weeks later.  

Painting Port Vendres..JPG
flowers brown_2 flowers.png
flowers brown_single flower.png
flowers pink_single flower.png
flowers pink_2 flowers.png

Oh, and the people you meet on your travels...

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