Social Spot,  watercolour, 41 x 35cm
Shadow Patterns VI, Granada,  watercolour, 25 x 25cm_
Vintage Natives-Blush
Dappled Light,  watercolour, 997 x 79cm
Flock of Giants, watercolour
Reach for the Sky,   watercolour
The Strings That Bind Us,  57 x 30cm unframed size
Sentinels II, 76 x 56cm unframed size_edited.jpg
apron-Granmas Apron Protea design-mock-up.jpg
me painting at Gosford marina.JPG

While many artists consider themselves 'painters of light' I am drawn to the shadows, loving to depict the glowing and changing colours in the shadow passages which I feel makes the highlights sing.  I love to create drama in the darks.